Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This day would have been a great continuation of the previous one if it didn’t have a slight fault: I had a puncture.

The night and the morning were freezing: down to 1 C. I was cold under my blankets, I shuddered at a thought what it would be like in the bivy bag that I have.

On the Wadi Rum trek I made a big mistake by taking the bike along. It's practically all sand, so you can't ride and the bike was just a hindrance. The result was that in a 4 hours trek I didn't see practically anything.

On the way to Aqaba (which is a great downhill BTW) a piece of wire get stuck in my tire and punctured it. Later I started inspecting the tires every half hour and once found another wire embedded in the front one. Considering the amount of glass and other debris on the highway's emergency lane, I am surprised I didn't have more punctures.

I liked Aquaba as soon as I entered the town. Finally I was not shivering in the evening, I had a stroll through the town and had a great falafel and some pastries.

Day 6: 72km. Total 459km.


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