Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wadi Rum

On the climb out of the town of Wadi Musa there were some annoying kids, one in particular kicked my back tyre a few times. If I had a gun I'd shoot him. But from there on it was one of those days, when you say "Yes, yes, gi’me more of that!". For a start there is a climb of some 8 km, but nice, sunny, peaceful. Then the downhill which just wouldn't stop and the scenery was incredible, there were some pinnacles in the distance indicating the approach of Wadi Rum rock formations. The turn off from the Desert Highway is even more spectacular, great surface, flat road, excellent rock formations. I came to the visitor center an hour before the dusk, bought some food, had a great dinner and went to my bed in a tent expecting a fantastic trek in the morning.

Day 5: 118km. Total 387km.


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