Monday, January 5, 2009


A tourist group came later in the evening and I joined them for a buffet dinner. Great. In the morning I had an unhealthy cough. Probably from going too hard on the climbs, heavily breathing the cold air. One of the stuff from the hotel takes me up the Dana climb in his van. I was thankful, that saved my throat a bit.

Today’s cycling day went just fine. Knowing I had short distance to Petra I took it slowly, stopping frequently for a tea. The weather was great too, not a sign of a cloud now for 3 days. There was a massive descent to Wadi Musa where I overtook a couple of trucks. I based myself in a hotel for two days, bought some medicine against the cold and made myself liter and a half of tea in the hotel's kitchen. That should help.

The next day I went to Petra. That was great excursion, despite the tourist invasion Petra was worth a visit.

Day 3: 54km. Day 4: 0km. Total 269km.


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