Sunday, December 28, 2008

On the road again!

The after-50 cycle-touring crisis from my last attempt didn't last long. Less then 4 months later here I am again planning another tour - a winter tour in the Middle East.

I cleaned, lubed and adjusted the bike, changed the stem for a higher rise one, took a couple of test rides and it feels perfect. Just can't wait to test it on Jordan's King HWY.
I had a serious thought about my luggage and found it unacceptably heavy. I really had to do something about that. So I cancelled the tent and sleeping bag and replaced them with a bivy bag and silk sleeping sheet. I will carry these in the second bottle cage. Spare clothes and few other miscellaneous items will perfectly fit in the compression bag which will be bungeed behind the seat. Camera, as usual, is in a small under-seat bag on the handlebar. The spare tube and tools will be taped to the top tube, behind the handlebar. Thus, there is no need for a rack. In all it's about 4 kg less from the last time. The bike feels like a racing bike, and, more importantly, it looks so too.

I will start on 1st of January. I expect mild-winter temperatures; I wonder if I will freeze in the bivy bag? Read on to find out.


At March 29, 2016 at 6:26 AM , Blogger casey said...

Great tour report. I'd love to see Petra and cycle into Jerusalem.


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